What We Do

At the national level, there are about 20 members, many with a Pan India presence as well as four state-level platforms (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand). The AiH partners have been working in India for many years and contributing to national efforts to improve immunization coverage. These organizations have thorough knowledge of health, socio-economic, gender and stakeholder landscape of the country.

AIH’s presence and strengthened relationship with Government and other immunization partner’s ensures reaching the underserved population by working towards equitable access and community participation in immunization.

At national and state level AiH conducts steering committee meetings and sensitizing meetings involving all the AiH partners together.

A Glimpse


In 2013 fourteen Civil Society Organizations having wide presence, experience and expertise in the field of health and immunization came together and formed a platform named ‘AiH’ (Alliance for Immunization & Health). AiH is a registered society and has more than 200 NGOs across the country.Alliance for Immunization and Health is a credible civil society body, recognized by GAVI and Government of India for rendering support to monitoring and evaluation events, communication interventions and contributing to demand generation in hard-to reach and under-served regions of the country. At present AiH have platforms in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand..


The CSOs have played a pivotal role in contributing to certain achievements in India. The role of CSOs in polio eradication and routine immunization in India has been a great positive impact for the Country. It is evident that polio eradication efforts create opportunity to deliver other interventions but often those opportunities are not used because of lack of infrastructure. Timely and appropriate involvement of CSOs at different levels, these opportunities can be tapped to improve the immunization coverage.

The sphere

GAVI provided an umbrella grant in 2011 to the GAVI CSO constituency through Catholic Relief Services, the fund manager for the project. Through this grant, CRS and its implementing partner– Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)supported in formation of the AiH platform.

The aim of AiH is to protect lives by working towards achieving equity, access of immunization through research, advocacy and community participation. The AiH platform consists of a diverse network of vibrant CSOs that are motivated to support the Alliance’s mission. To delve into this further, the professional bodies such as Indian Academy of Paediatrics and academia’s plays important partner in the fields of training, technical guidance and implementation of immunization programs.


AIH’s strengthened relationship with Government of India and other immunization partner’scontinues totranslate new and successful activities to address the gap of demand generation for immunization.